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What will you learn from Mouthing Off in Mexico? You will gain invaluable insights into the world of profanity in Spanish—a topic that may otherwise take you many painstaking years to grasp. This book does not consist of just lewd and offensive dialogue. Not at all. Cursing in any language is also an important part of the culture.


You may not curse out loud in your native tongue, but you probably know what all those swear words mean, right? Imagine how different your thoughts and conversations would be if you didn’t. This is the perspective I hope you take on while reading this book. Like it or not, cursing exists and it is a language in and of itself. This book simply brings it out of the darkness and into the light in a fun and revealing way.


Spanish: Inside Conversations divulges the real lingo spoken among native Spanish speakers. It is a book for those who want the inside scoop on the words and expressions they use, how they use them, and in what context. Only you know your level of Spanish and where you want to take it, but if you’re ready and willing to take your Spanish to new heights, Spanish: Inside Conversations will give you the wings to take flight and guide you to your ultimate goal—to carry on deeper, more natural conversations in Spanish.

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While we are mostly silent or all-too-brief when we say or hear good things about someone, we can have entire conversations and even meet over coffee to gossip and talk trash about people. Sadly, we often don’t use names and labels to build people up, but rather to break them down—to form opinions about them, to judge them, and to criticize them.


The Sticks and Stones of Spanish is not a “how-to” book on putting people down, but it does reveal what native Spanish speakers really say about each other in their private conversations. This book’s purpose is to help you become a more adept participant in conversations—as a speaker and a listener. Unless you can understand the terminology used to categorize and generalize about people, you’ll never be fully involved in some of the juiciest conversations life has to offer.

One-liners are the “set” phrases of the language that have been passed down from generation to generation yet never lose their relevancy nor their punch in our everyday conversations.

You will find the phrases in this book to be some of the most interesting, useful, and unforgettable words you will say. Let this be your opportunity to have a different kind of fun with Spanish. Spanish One-Liners will prove to be a vital part of your language-learning repertoire. Grammar books will give your Spanish its structure. Dictionaries will boost your vocabulary. Your everyday phrasebook gives you survival Spanish for specific situations. This book will give your Spanish personality.

The author has turned cursing in Spanish into a science. "Mouthing Off in Mexico" is nothing like the textbooks I'm used to. This book provides hilarious and real life scenarios where these words and phrases are applicable. 

LOL, this book is both hilarious and educational at the same time. 

Hilarious and Practical

5.0 out of 5 starsGreat Bargain, Great Book!

While I consider myself pretty proficient in Spanish I bought this book because I am about to study abroad for a year in Mexico. I am hoping to absorb as much of the vibrant culture as I can and this book will definitely help. It was very easy to read and gave interesting and funny context to the slang/cursing.​ I'm sure this book will help me adapt to local life while in Mexico.

You Need This Book In Your Life.

ByAndy Bellon August 10, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

I LOVE THIS BOOK! Let me say this again. I absolutely love this book. This thing is hillarious as a ex pat living in Mexico for the past 6 years I really struggled with all the slang and curses my friends would hurl at eachother at bars I caught some but the others went over my head and found myself quite in the corner. This book takes care of you. 


5.0 out of 5 starsFrom kinda bad to really, really bad---Learn how to cuss in Spanish!

ByJude Wallesenon August 16, 2017

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

This is a must read for people who live in Mexico or any Latin community and for those of you with Spanish-speaking friends. It's mostly great fun thanks to Bradley Kim's buoyant and cheeky writing style, and it for certain will teach you some things, Via excellent examples, you will learn how to curse and also what to listen for when you find yourself surrounded by Spanish speaking friends having any sort of typical conversation. The best part is he teaches you what is kinda bad all the way to really, really bad, so you can be careful in any situation!


                                      About The Author

Bradley Kim currently lives in Southern California. His second home is Mazatlán, Mexico where he resided full-time from 2008 to 2016 and continues to visit frequently. Bradley has finished a four-book "Señor Bradley's Guide To" Spanish language series. Each book will be released as scheduled in 2017.  His obsession with writing everything down on paper combined with his pack rat habit of not throwing any papers away is what allowed him to eventually publish books on speaking Spanish.


From personal experience, he knows that anyone can enjoy incredible life experiences when one learns a new language; amazing travels, friendships and opportunities that you may previously not have thought possible. That’s what learning Spanish has done for him and he is excited for others to know what it can do for you, too.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

2010 Trip to World Cup in South Africa

Mexico versus Uruguay


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Name-calling and labeling People 

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